Видео: Обзор на BIONICLE - Рудака (8761)

Eljay's Recap Review: 8761 Roodaka

This week, Eljay reviews the Queen of the Visorak horde - Roodaka!

Lets Brick Bionicle - 8761 Roodaka

This video is a re-upload because the original version had some copyright issues. I'll be posting these re-uploads every ...

Lego Bionicle 8761 Roodaka Review

Today we will take a look at one of my favorite Bionicle sets...

Lego Bionicle 8761 Roodaka: The opening!

This video is of me opening a retired 2005 set. Enjoy!

Eljay's Recap Review: 8756 Sidorak

This week, Eljay goes over the King of the Visorak horde... AKA one of the least liked characters after Web of Shadows came out.

Bionicle Movie 3: Roodaka scenes compilation (HQ)

I do not own the footage shown, nor do I stand to make any profit from it. I simply uploaded it for easy access to high quality ...

[LOG] Обзор на Bionicle: The Legend Of Mata Nui

Saluton! Не так давно появилась в свободном доступе игра, которую хотели бы увидеть многие фанаты Bionicle,...

BIONICLE: Roodaka, Sidorak, Keetongu - Set Reviews

BUM-BUM-BUMMMMM! After a month of waiting (and getting sick for half a month), the time has finally come to reveal my latest ...

БИОНИКЛ 3 - Киногрехи! Часть 4 - Новая подруга Вакамы!

Если девушка пытает тебя "творчеством" Той-Кого-Нельзя-Называть (Ольги Бузовой), значит, у нее на тебя серьез...

Roodaka: Bionicle MOV

Well, now I'm too made my version of Roodaka Wanted to make a revamp at first, but got carried away and added purple.

Bionicle Classic Review: Roodaka

She is evil, the master mind behind the 2005 Web of Shadows storyline, Roodaka!

ROODAKA LOVER?! (Dumb Bionicle Shorts)

Ayy, I made a 3rd finally. I'll admit, my contribution this episode are shorts I made for another group that's currently shut down.

LEGO instructions - Bionicle - 8761 - Roodaka

----- If you like this LEGO archive, just subscribe to this channel. What you have from it? Quite simply you stay up to date ...

БИОНИКЛ 3 - Киногрехи! Часть 1 - Самый плохой день Сидорака!

Сидел себе Сидорак на троне, грел пятую точку, сериальчик смотрел. И тут такое... Привет всем, ребятушки!...

MOC Showcase: Roodaka(revamp V3)

Here we are with the other video I promised this month , enjoy! Previous versions, so you can see how much she evolved: ...


Ссылка на канал L&H Toys Review Area: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpOLpv_xxQB41-obKAIFwQ Ссылка на обзор ...

MOC Showcase: Sidorak(revamp)

Yeah, I know I forgot to post in April, mostly because of Easter and not having other mocs with me at college So this month I'll be ...

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